Other Critiques and Services

Brainstorming Sessions and Consultations:

This is a chance to talk through your ideas regarding a particular manuscript, multiple manuscripts, or your submission path in order to generate more possibilities for moving forward with your work.

$50 per half hour

Partial Novel Critiques: Sometimes an author wants feedback on just a chapter or two. If this is what you need, I will be glad to give you a quote for a chapter or for several chapters.

Query Critiques:

Authors often struggle with query letters as they do with entire manuscripts. If you don’t know where to start, try checking out the article HERE. If you’ve finished your query and are ready for feedback, I can give you that.

$55 per one page critique

Synopsis Critiques:

A synopsis critique can help you make sure you are presenting your manuscript in the best way possible. It can also be a great way to start a conversation about the big picture ideas in your novel. Synopsis critiques are available with or without a phone consultation.

$55 per one page synopsis critique

$100 for one page critique plus 30 minute phone consultation

*note full novel critiques include a synopsis critique

Picture Book and Chapter Book Critiques:

These are priced on a per-project basis. Please send me an email with your word count and a short synopsis and I will get back to you with a quote.

Humor Coaching:

Everyone loves to laugh. That’s why funny manuscripts are in such high demand.  If you want help ramping up the humor in your manuscript, I can show you how to add beats, twists, and verbiage to maximize the laugh-factor.  We can discuss overall humor, or take an in-depth look at individual scenes. Humor coaching is priced per project.