Novel Critiques

Whole Novel Critiques: If you are interested in a Whole Novel Critique, start by sending me an inquiry with a brief description of your novel: theme, genre, and word count, as well as the schedule you would like me to meet. If it seems I can meet your requested schedule, I will ask you to send five pages and a summary of your novel. I will return the five pages to you with critique notes similar to what I would do for the whole novel, plus a price quote. If you find my notes helpful and the price agreeable, we are ready to go!

What you can expect from a Whole Novel Critique: An editorial letter with feedback on key elements such as plotting, pacing, characterization, and theme. We will also schedule a follow-up phone call or Skype session so that we can discuss your manuscript and you will have a chance to ask questions. This critique is designed to get the moving parts of your novel working together. It will not include copy editing.

I only have time for one or two whole novel critiques a month, so please contact me to get on my schedule.

Partial Novel Critique: I am also happy to look at partial novels or individual chapters. Email me with your request.

Synopsis Critique: A synopsis critique can help you make sure you are presenting your manuscript in the best way possible. It can also be a great way to start a conversation about the big picture ideas in your novel. Synopsis critiques are available with or without a phone consultation. Note that a synopsis critique is included with the whole and partial novel critiques.

$50 per one page synopsis critique

$100 for one page critique plus 45 minute phone consultation

kamikinard (at) gmail (dot)com